What Video Courses & Resources are Included in The PPA?
The Contractor's Guide to Pricing Profitably
Pricing / Profits Course
34 Video Courses
Price Jobs Profitably :
15 Video Courses
  Introduction: How to Quote Profitably
  How To Get Results FAST!
  Are You Certain You Are Pricing Right?
  Top 5 Principles In Professionally Pricing Profitably
  Break Even - Understanding The Why Is A MUST!
  Where To Find The Data Needed To Calculate Your Break-even 
  Determine Your Break Even
   Determine Break Even for Sales
   What to Charge Per Hour
   Difference Between Margin & Mark Up
    Effects of Increasing or Lowering Margins
    Not All Pricing is the Same
    A Quoting Template is a Must
   Back Costing
   How to Charge for Quotes
Leverage Back Costing For More Profitable Job Costing :
5 Video Courses
  Why Do Back Costing?
  The Back Costing Spreadsheet
  The Progress To Profit Tool
   Principles Of Back Costing
  Client Q&A
The 4 Pillars of Profit :
4 Video Courses
  Leverage the 4 pillars in your company
  The Formula
  Walking Through The Formula; strategies Used & Examples
  4 Pillars of Profit Strategy Checklist 
Quoting Process for Profits :
4 Video Courses
  The Intro:
  Problem 1— We don’t define the phases in our quote: 
  Problem 2— We don’t break it down:
  Problem 3— We’re not able to see the big picture:
Insider Secrets :
3 Video Courses
  Dominate Your Market Beyond Price
   Pricing Profitably Everytime
  How to Reduce Your Crews and Still Make More Profits
Downloads, Resources and Tools
   Pricing For Profits Calculator Tool.xlsx
   Pricing For Profits Calculator Guide
   Comparison P&L
   Break Even Calculator.xlsx
   Effects of LOWERING.pdf
   Effects of INCREASING.pdf
   The Contractor's Filter Fast System 
   Quoting Checklist
   Back Costing.pdf
The Contractor's Guide to Finding, Hiring, Training And Retaining Top Talent
Hiring Course
51 Video Courses
How To Delegate As A Leader:
5 Video Courses
  Why You Need To Focus On How You're Delegating
  Principle #1 - What's The Worst That Could Happen?
  Principle #2 - The Costs Of Poor Delegation / What Your Time's Worth
  Principle #3 - The Process Of Delegation
  Principle #4 - Maintain Control & Client Q&A
Employee Evaluations:
1 Video Course
  How to Evaluate Employees
Systemizing & Delegating Routines:
2 Video Courses
  The Why
  The 9 Box Matrix
Communication Delivery:
7 Video Courses
  Why Focus On Communication?
  Principle #1 - Think ONCE
  Principle #2 - Milestone The Money Making
  Principle #3 - Work The Plan
  Project Start-Up Checklist
  Tom's Planner / Job Project Template
  Procurement Schedule
Vehicle Inspection Checklist:
3 Video Courses
  The Hidden Costs Of NOT Having A Checklist
  Keeping Your Vehicles On The Road
  Preparing For Out Of Town Jobs
How To Use Trello - A Free Project Management Software:
6 Video Courses
  Why Use Trello?
  Breakdown Job Phases And Create Checklists In Trello
  Templates; How To Set Up Projects Just Once
  Organizing & Tracking Tools; Team Member Accountability
  Tips & Tricks To Get The Most From Trello
  How To Start With Trello & Client Q&A
Defining Company Roles:
4 Video Courses
  Why You Feel Overwhelmed
  Identify The True Value Of Each Task
  Diagnosis; What Are The Issues?
  Roles, Results, Rules
How To Find, Attract, Land & KEEP Top Talent:
5 Video Courses
  Finding Employees
  Attracting Employees
  Landing Employees
  Keeping Employees
  Position Terms
Creating A Job Policy Manual:
5 Video Courses
  Why You Need A Job Policy Manual
  Principle #1 - Organizational Charts VS Structure
  Principle #2 - Job Structure & Policies; Service Manager
  Principle #3 - Job Structure & Policies; Sales Person
Gain Control By Defaulting Your Calendar:
6 Video Courses
  Why You Need To Focus On How You're Delegating
  Principle #1 - Fill Your Calendar Before Others Fill It For You
  Principle #2 - Vision -> Goals -> Projects -> Week -> Results
  Principle #3 - Defaulting Your Calendar Defaults Your Team's Calendar
  Principle #4 - Multitasking Slows You Down
  Principle #5 - Start With Immovable Tasks And Go From There 
Running Effective Team Meetings:
4 Video Courses
  Why Have Structured Meetings?
  Your Leadership Mindset
  Focus On Meetings That Matter
  Defaulting Meetings Into Your Calendar
The Hiring Process Audit:
4 Video Courses
  The WHY
  Your prospective hire's "Secret Psychology
  Hiring Process Audit Checklist™
  Rapid Result
Downloads, Resources and Tools
The Contractor's Proven System
For Managing Job Sites Effectively
Jobsite Management Course

30 Video Courses
Run Your Jobs Profitably :
16 Video Courses
  Maximize Profits With The Job Site Cheat Sheet
  How To GET Quick Results
  Profitably Pre-Start Your Jobs - Overview
  Job Progress To Profit Board
  Assign Rules of the Game
  Procurement Schedule
  Pre-Start Wrap Up and Rate
  Running Jobs Profitably Overview
  Weekly Progress Meeting & Plan for the Week
  Assure All Change Orders are Applied and Approved
   Running Jobs Wrap Up & Rate
  Finish Jobs Profitably Overview
  Complete Project from Checklist
  Get Customer Feedback Form with Recommendations
  Its Time to Pick Which Phase and Which Strategy
  Lets put the Plan into Action
Time & Team :
5 Video Courses
  Welcome to The Foundational Principles
  The Contractor's Ladder Of Success
  Architecting Your VISION BOARD
  Part 1 of 2: Using The "90 Day To Profits and Momentum Planner"
  Part 2 of 2: 90 Day Plan of Momentum - Laying the Steps Out to Achieve the Targets
Control Your Time :
9 Video Courses
  The Value Of Your Time As You Grow
  Personal Mastery
  Planning Mastery Part One: A Rhythm for the Year
  Planning Mastery Part Two: Monday Money Making Meeting
  Planning Mastery Part Three: Friday Reflection and Team Huddle for Max Communication
  Planning Mastery Part Four: Planning Projects that Progress to Profits
  Delegation Mastery: The "Why" & Whats Needed For Mastery
  Delegation Mastery: Start With A Step by Step Plan
  Delegation Mastery: Conclusion
Downloads, Resources and Tools
   The Art of Delegation.pdf
   Job Site Cheat Sheet.pdf
  Progress to Profit Board.pdf
  Project Startup Checklist.docx
  Procurement Schedule.docx
  Top 5 Money Making Meetings.pdf
  Change Order Worksheet.docx
  Project Close Out Checklist.docx
  Survey for Success.xlsx
  Business Plan.pdf
The Contractor's Guide to Land "Class A Clients"
Sales / Marketing Course

20 Video Courses
Filter Bad Clients Fast :
9 Video Courses
  The Contractor's Ladder of Success
  The Impact of Dealing with a Bad Client
  The Negative Effects of Class C & D Clients
  Understanding Rating Different Classes of Clients
  The Customer Grading Matrix
  Optimizing Time for Priority Clients
  How to Fire Class C & D Clients
  How to Filter Fast
  Filtering Through Your Quotes
Land Great Clients :
11 Video Courses
  Keep & Land Class A Clients
  More Profits & Less Work
   Increase Your Margins for Class A Clients
  Pick From Your Top Clients & Rate Them
  Class A Letter & Action Plan
  Never Miss a Quote
  Client Feedback for Referrals
  Sales Team Not On Your Payroll
  Visibility on Every Job, Market 5x5
  Your Reputation Matters
  Wrap Up to Getting More Class A Clients
Downloads, Resources and Tools
   Customer + Prospect Rating Matrix Action Plan
   C + D You're Fired Letter.doc
   Fliter Fast System.pdf
   Effects of LOWERING.pdf
   Effects of INCREASING.pdf
    Customer + Prospect Rating Matrix Action Plan
   Class A Letter.doc
   Client Feedback Form for Referrals and Rating Your Team.xls
    Strategic Alliances.pdf
Included With Every Purchase

Financial Mastery Event:
10 Video Courses
  Mindset Mastery
  Cadence Financial Map
  P&L Competition, Financial Model Review, Sales Strategies
  Top takeaways and Reflection
  Survive & Thrive with Bob Gauvreau (Gauvreau & Associates)
  Vision Session
  Building An A-Team
  Marketing/Branding w/Lisa
  Sales Strategies ft. Jay Carter
  Planning Session/Closing Thoughts
BONUS: The Vault
  The 4 Pillars of Profit
  Jobsite Hacking
  The Cash Controller System
  Hiring Mastery
  Insider Secrets: The 3 SECRETS to Increasing Profits by 258% In One Year!
  Access to the Profit For Contractor's group
  Twice monthly live Q&A sessions to answer all your questions and support you through the program
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